Applying False Nails

My first blog post, is about Nails!

Applying False Nails, I got used to wearing acrylics so much, I always had them but they began to ruin my nails!, the glue wasn't doing them justice!
I had to stop!
This was until i managed to get my nails looking healthier
I began applying my own nails!

French tips are my favourite!
And yet so easy to apply!
Here is my step by step guide, on how to apply, and what I use! For inspiration for you .. 
1- make sure your nails are clear from any varnish, wash your hands throughly and dry. 
2-on each cuticle, file over and push back the cuticle using your cuticle tool
3. Once your happy with your nails! .. measure up each false nail to your nail making sure it's the right fit. ( I use perfect 10 nails)20160625_205255
4- once you have done this for both hands, get your glue ready .. if you don't want to use the glue provided, I use the nail magic, brush on glue, I find this stronger and so much easier to use it isn't messy and you can use it just like varnish. 
5- apply 2 layers of the glue onto your nail, then get the acrylic nail, measuring up to the cuticle, then slow push in and then push down so it sits level on your nail and feels secure. 
6- repeat step 5 for all of your nails!
7 - once all nails have been applied, you can buff them, or simply add a coat of top coat clear polish for a lasting finish!
8- Enjoy your acrylic nails! Always keep spares and your glue in your bag, you never know when you will need it!!


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