Day to day look.


This is just a quick short blog, on how I achieve my day to day look!-
It’s quick and simple and very easy to do!

{All pictures can be found in a album on the post}

Dream matte mousse – apply one coat of matte mousse, leaving to dry for a few minutes, don’t rub in, just dab/pat into your face, it gives you the finish that you want and not the lines and patchy look.

Pressed powder – Barry M – with your powder brush, dab around your face with the pressed powder, creating a light look!

MUA blusher – with a blusher brush, preferably an Angled brush, this gives you the stroke that you need!, stroke across each cheek once, to give you the tint you need in your cheeks!

Eyebrow pallet – I find these are so much easier and better to use rather than the pencils! – create a shape using the brush tool first, tweezing any excess hairs. – then brush through using the brown colour, creating a shape with your brows, remember they can look like sisters, never twins!

Gel eye liner – you get a brush with this eyeliner, I find this amazing to use and it lasts you months, I’ve had this one about 8 months now! – with your brush, glide across the top of your eye lid, creating a little flick at the end!, and doing the same with your other eye!

Pencil eye liner – drawing on your bottle lid, creating a bold look!? For both eyes!, making your eyes stand out.

Mascara – I always decide on a false look mascara, for the simple fact, I have very small lashes!, I apply 2 coats to each eye, giving my lashes the longer length look!

Barry M lip stick – LASTLY, the lips!- applying a coat of pink lipstick to your lips to give you the finishing look!

– and that is how I achieve this look! – I will be happy to answer any questions!- and don’t. Forget. To follow me on here and my instagram page!- Althingsbeauty


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