My Night Time, face routine!


I’m going to go through my night time face routine before I go to bed!? And how I achieve smooth skin!
This look, literally has 2 items!, and is so quick it takes me 3 minutes!


NIVEA- my favourite facial care to use!, I find that NIVEA is soft to use, and hydrates my skin! –
I use these wipes every night, whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I use about 2 wipes, to clear over my face!, removing any excess makeup.

I then wash my face, using a facial wash!, making sure I get in all the pores! Using warm water!, and pat dry once finished!


Lastly, I apply this to my face, NIVEA night cream!, it hydrates your skin while your sleeping so when you wake in the morning!? Your face feels all smooth, and soft …
Also I recommend the day cream! it’s the same, it just acts a Base before you apply your makeup!

I will post a blog with this cream tomorrow!

And that is pretty much my night time facial routine!


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