Sunday look!


I’m going to show you my makeup Sunday look! …



Firstly, I use NIVEA primer, this moisturisers your face, and gives you a good under tone, Base before applying your foundation! – this is my before look!


Using all the above, I create my Sunday look!
– matte mousse – apply in a circular motion around the face creating an even tone!
BARRY M – pressed powder – circular motion with your powder brush around the face! –
BROW PALETTE – brush through your brows creating a shape, then with the colour, smoothing through creating the shape you want –  picture below, after I have applied the above!


Once the Base is complete, I started on my cheeks!, as before in previous blogs!, using just one brush on each cheek, upon your cheek bones to get the rose glow.

pencil eye liner – this time I only used on my lower lids and tiny bit upon the top, to get the eye I wanted… (picture below)


Then taking your mascara a couple of strokes through each eye lashes on each eye to achieve the longer lashes!

And a coat of pink gloss to bring out the lips! – and you have my Sunday makeup look!, ready for any occasion!


Don’t forget to follow me over on instagram – Althingsbeauty
I’m happy to answer any questions, and look forward to sharing with you my passion through beauty


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