Makeup brushes!

I’ve had so many messages asking what brushes I use and what’s best to use the for … so here is a quick blog! With my brushes, which I use mainly, for my makeup!


This one is my powder brush. – it’s soft on my skin, I use this one for my powder, and powder only, circular motion giving it the best outcome!


These were a set of 8, but these 3 are the main brushes I use!
The one on the right, I use for my foundation, dabbing around my face for the even look!
The middle brush, is my blusher brush!- dabbing in my blush, I then stroke once on each cheek, clearing the brush then stroking through again to get the even look!
The one on the left, is the add a little more in with the foundation, getting the left lines and evening out the face!

… my contact information is always available, for any questions, emails you may have! I will answer soon as possible!

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