Contouring with NYX stick. 

Me again!

I’ve had messages asking about contouring, I personally don’t like the pallets, but I discovered this .. NYX contour highlight and contour stick! It’s amazing! It doesn’t cost a lot either! I use this daily, unless I’m doing my natural look which I don’t use this! 

My quick step by step guide! 

  • Using your foundation brush, I use foundation as normal!- in a circular motion, applying one coat to your face! 
  • Once dried and set, I then start to apply my NYX contour stick! 
  • Using the dark end first, I draw lines on my cheek bones, along my T-line on my face, my chin and the bridge of my nose! 
  • Then using the light highlight stick, I then do the same again, close to the contour lines, so it looks like the photo below! 
  • Getting your makeup brush, the one exactly like you use for your foundation, or you can even use a magic sponge! Whichever you like! – blend in the lines together creating a blended look upon your face!
  • Once your happy, and once it has set, I then apply my powder, dabbing around my face using my powder brush! 
  • I have gone for a natural eye look with this one … 
  • The final look is below! 
  • It sounds complicated, but it’s one of the easy looks and it takes me 15 minutes to get this look! 
  • Remember if you have questions feel free to message me! – Althingsbeauty instagram! 

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