Nighttime out look!

Hi guys! 

Me again!- I’m sorry I haven’t posted, I’ve been a busy mummy recently! Anyhow I went out last night with my guys and girls and this is my finishing look I got .. 

My hair – as I have natural curls already, once washed all I did was back comb a little- and just put product in to keep the curls tight and together! It takes less than 5 minutes! 

My makeup – is just foundation and NYX stick with pressed powder for the Base! 

For the eyes, is just gel eyeliner on my top lid, and eye pencil around the bottom lash line! I make the eyes a lot thicker as I’m going out for the evening!

my lips I used my MUA lipstick- dark red  and I use a little raven which is a black to get the very dark red lip colour! 

My brows, my L’Oréal, eyebrow colour pallette. 

Finally if your wondering about my cheeks and the outlines you see .. this is my NYX stick I mentioned blended in, and my cheek contour pallette to bring out the colours

Please message me if you have any questions or want any tips!

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