Your high school look. 

I’ve been asked to do a high school look! 

So I worked on some looks and I came up with this natural look! Using only 3 items of makeup! 

You can go to school, feeling confident … 

  • MUA foundation 
  • Seventeen- lip gloss 
  • L’Oréal mascara 

For the Base, I use just 2 coats of the MUA foundation- natural beige! Making sure your face is covered and there is no gaps. 

The eyes, I use the L’Oréal false lash mascara, I have only used 1 coat and instantly it gives you the longer lashes look! 

And for the lips, the Seventeen lip gloss a couple of coats and you get the lasting gloss look! 

This only takes you a few minutes so you won’t be late applying a full face of makeup and these won’t even take up room in your school bag! 

Let me know your outcome when you’ve tried it!! 


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