Glitter smokey eye and fucia pink lips!

Hey guys!

Right this post is the makeup I have on today, but I’ll be focusing on my eyes and my lips! .. I’ve worked on a glitter smokey eye, and a fucia pink lips which I made the colour myself!

Firstly these are the shadow colours I’m using .. gold and the dark brown on the end! 

This is the finished look I got, I really like this eye makeup because it brings out the brown my eye colour!- always compliment your eye colour with the shadow colours! 

I apply the gold across my eye lid raising it up slightly, I applied about 2 coats of this colour, then I get the dark brown and stroke across the end of my eye, blending together slightly so it gives you the smokey eye look!

I always tend to go a little bit heavy with the dark, so when you look up you can see the effect! 

Then as usual finishing your eyes with eyeliner or mascara or both!


Above these are the 2 colours I mixed together to get the colour I’m wearing, I apply the red first, pursing my lips together so it’s rubbed in! – I then get the pink and go over the red, and again Purse my lips together so I get the pink colour .. if it isn’t as you like then mix around until your comfortable with the colour you get! 

This look won’t take you longer than 5 minutes! It’s quick and perfect for a day out!

Please feel free to let me know if you need any tips or advice in regards to makeup!

My instagram – Althingsbeauty  please give me a follow, I’ll follow you back! 


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