My monthly review!

Hi guys!

This is my monthly review’ I’ve been waiting for these eye shadows to come in the mail for weeks and they finally arrived today!

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll see I really love eye shadows and working on my eye makeup!

So I thought I would purchase this! It’s called smokey – sugar box! 

I’ll be posting what it looks like tomorrow!

But for now this is my review … 

Firstly the colours are amazing, dark and light mixed in one pallet. – definately will give you the look you want! Even better on the back of the box .. it gives you a little image of how to use the colours! – 1 up to 6. 

Very easy to follow especially for those who are just starting out? – I actually Brough this pallet off wish if anyone wanted to know! 

The pallet it’s self is small, so it definately is bag compacted, so you can carry this with you in your makeup bag!

I’ll do another review later today or tomorrow, showing you my step by step how to apply and what it looks like on the eyes!

I’m excited to try!

Keep a look out for my monthly review part 2!

Please keep me posted on what you think and what you like to see!

– Althingsbeauty – instagram 


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