OK guys!

So, im pretty sure many of you who read my posts suffer with breakouts? Spots, acne? Well I’m here to help you! .. make you feel confident and get clearer skin! – believe me!

Firstly my 3 tips!

  1. Wash your hands before touching your face!
  2. Always clean your face!
  3. Never sleep with makeup on!

Okay!, so as you see from above, my nneurogena spot stress control daily cleanse? – I would give this a 12/10 and recommend to anyone who wants clearer skin!

I use this daily! And when I feel a breakout coming I always use this scrub! 

My steps!

  • Clean your face first!
  • Apply the daily scrub all round your face, just like you would a face mask. 
  • Leave on for a few minutes so it sinks into your poars.
  • Wash/wipe off using a face cloth, or soft sponges! 
  • Once your face is clear, give it another rinse then pat towel dry!

See my pictures below!

Once you’ve done this! – I then move onto the moisturiser nivea night cream and clean and clear spot cleanser!

Both work amazingly well! .. I always apply the cleanser first before the moisturiser!

Working in a circular motion, applying the clean and clear lotion/cleanser all around the face, and the bridge of your nose, and the creases? 

Where you find you occur the most breakout apply this more!

Once that’s finished, you can then apply the NIVEA moisturiser I only just 4 dots on my face! This is more than enough! 

See my pictures below … 

Rubbing in the moisturiser, you should start to feel your skin go soft and smooth!

Finally you should get your finished makeup free fresh face look!

Believe me when I say, do this routine day and night and you can have clear and clean skin within days! … my spots clear up within days even those which are just starting to breakout!

I hope this works for you, as it does for me! And you gain the confidence, and feel beautiful inside and out!

Let me know keep me updated with how you get on!

Don’t forget my instagram – Althingsbeauty 


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