My smokey eye only .. 

Hello! – as requested, this post is just for this eye shadow – smokey eyes! – I have no other makeup on apart from this eye shadow, I wanted to see myself what it looked like, and show you too!

This is the after of applied! I followed steps 1 to 6!? And I have to say I really love this eye shadow pallet, I would perhaps save this for a night out on the town? As during the day I feel this could be too heavy? 

However if you enjoy that type of look for during the day! This is perfect. 

As you can see, the different shades blend together nicely, the darks and the lights together! Creating that smokey look! 

I will be doing a full face makeup with this eye shadow eventually so don’t worry! 

It really is simple steps to achieve this! It took me about 15 minutes to get this! 

With the white just make sure you apply to the inside of your eye, to give it that outstanding look! 

I really like the dark colours on the eye lid and the light colours upon the top nearer the brow! 

I cannot wait to try this again with a full face makeup! 

Let me know your thoughts! 

– Althingsbeauty  – my instagram! 


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