Hair down, it’s date night!

Hello my followers/readers! 

My first post in months, I’ve had a crazy schedule my apologies! 

This post is my date night – I’m aware I have done one, however this is my second, this one focus on my hair too! 

You can get this look in minutes! – 


  • Makeup professional- foundation as my Base!
  • MUA!(makeup academy) professional pressed powder!
  • BARRY M – contour cheeks pallette.


  • BARRY M – eyeshadow pallet I used the dark and light colours blended together!
  • Waterproof eyeliner for the wing eyeliner!
  • BARRY M – eyeliner for the bottom liner.
  • Younique 3D mascara!


  • MUA – dark rrouge lipstick.


This is so simple, once you’ve sstraightened your hair with the front, just twist a little so you get the curl? And let it blend into your hair, even giving it a little comb through to give it that finishing curled look! 

Always spray with hair spray! It makes your hair stay in for longer! 

The pictures here are of some of the makeup I use! 

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