Hair up, messy bun!

Hi guys, 

So today I’ve gone for the hair up messy bun look, simple fact I couldn’t be bothered to make it all nice and neat with my straighteners and this look took me all of a few seconds to achieve! 

Here’s my run through! 

  • Brush through your hair so it’s smooth!
  • Brush up into a high pony tail
  • TIE your band around your pony tail and tighten together!
  • Once you’ve done that, get your second band, and tie around but as you get to the last part, pull the hair together and twist so you get a bun look!
  • This is my finished result!

It almost looks like a bow! – being a mum I have no time for the fancy hair styles this one is my mum look! Fetching and very easy to do!

Show me yours when your done!

Althingsbeauty  – instagram 


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