Donut bun, without the donut; hairstyle.

Hey lovelies; 

So my hairstyle for today? This is my other mum hairstyle, took me a few seconds and it’s achieve able for any length hair from shoulder length and longer! 

My steps! 

  • Brush your hair into a slick pony tail!
  • Get your pony tail and wrap around into a bun shape, I wrapped mine about 2 times!
  • Tie your hair band around, and gently with your fingers spread the bun around so you get the shape I have in the photo above!- 
  • With your thumb and index finger, pull the hair very very slightly, so your donut bun looks like it gets bigger? 
  • Once your happy, use your finger, to place underneath your top hair, and pull lightly, so you get the bump at the front! 
  • Finish with hairspray, enough so it stays for the day!

One of my favourite styles to do! 

Althingsbeauty  – instagram 


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